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US vs. Brugman Case


The LEOAC is the best source of information when it comes to bad government persecutions by way of prosecutions in what we call the "War on Law Enforcement". As such, we present a case people have heard many things about but have been unable to read and review for themselves until now.

LEOAC with the assistance of Defense Counsel Ron Tonkin, a member of our legal team, has made it possible to present the case of U.S. Government vs USBP Agent Gary Brugman. We thank Mr. Tonkin for providing Mr. Brugman's original trial transcripts and appeal documents (see bottom of page for documents, transcripts, and exclusive footage not available anywhere else).

To summarize, we must note that in reading the transcripts and briefs, Gary Brugman was clearly represented by qualified counsel who had his best interest in mind, unlike Ramos and Compean's original trial counsels and left no questions that the infamous El Paso case screams to have asked. The fact remains Gary Brugman lost though he was innocent, and not at all due to ineffective counsel. This is our view after reading the transcripts and based on our experience in reviewing prosecutions of law enforcement officers by U.S. D.O.J. (Main DOJ) and U.S.A. Field Offices. U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton and his minions used an extremely weak assault charge and put the full weight of the Justice Department behind this prosecution, solely to give the Mexican Government a Border Patrol Agent's scalp. We, at FOBP, always believed Gary Brugman innocent, but reading the transcripts and briefs has cemented it without any doubt.

*Exclusive Gary Brugman footage at DOJ in Washington

This exclusive footage is from Andy Ramirez' War on Law Enforcement Press Conference at the Department of Justice in Washington DC. This is Gary Brugman's story in his own words covered in 3 parts. Transcripts located below 3-part statement

Gary M. Brugman Statement - Part 1 of 3

Gary M. Brugman Statement - Part 2 of 3

Gary M. Brugman Statement - Part 3 of 3

*Official Appeal Documents Filed in U.S. vs Gary Brugman

Click HERE to read the Brugman Writ of Certiorary Petition to the U.S. Supreme Court

Click HERE to read the Brugman Petition for Rehearing "En Banc" to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals

Click HERE to read the Brugman Petition "En Banc" to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals

Click HERE to read the Brugman Brief to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals

Brugman Trial Transcripts

All trial transcripts case if U.S. vs Gary Brugman are available below and were provided to FOBP by Defense Counsel Ron Tonkin.  These files are available in Adobe Acrobat format.

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